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Will This Help Thikka In Anyway?

Published: Mon 15th Aug 2016 11:17 AM

Thikka Climax Trimmed by 10 Minutes

Thikka Climax Gets Shorter
Thikka Climax Gets Shorter

‘Thikka’ is cruising towards evolvement as biggest disaster in Sai Dharam Tej’s career beating the records of ‘Rey’ too. However, the damage is done severely to SDT image and buyers also might undergo heavy losses owing to high prices at which producer Rohin Kumar Reddy sold the movie in various areas. Meanwhile, director Suneel Reddy seems to be upset with overall verdict from critics and is giving the last best shot.

Yes, according to the official reports we received ‘Thikka’ climax is going to be trimmed by nearly 10 minutes and the newer version is ready for screening. This decision taken by producer and director might show some impact on overall talk but trade sources opined that revenues may not be affected much when negative talk is spreading like venom.

‘Thikka’ has many selling faces but Suneel Reddy hasn’t succeeded in implementing the plan as per trade formula. All in all, we still wait for the reports and reviews on this latest and final trimmed version of ‘Thikka.’


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