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Varun Joins Apollo Group

Varun Joins Apollo Group

Varun Joins Apollo Group

Mega Powerstar Ram Charan married Apollo Chairman’s granddaughter Upasana Kamineni and he is seen promoting Apollo hospitals in his movies, where ever the hospital related scenes are there.

Recently Ram Charan has launched the Apollo Digital Wireless Jiyo, where he himself was the Brand Ambassador for that and promoted it. On the other side, even Upasana also promoted some of them on her own.

Now recently one more Mega family member has joined the Apollo business and he is none other than the Mega Prince Varun Tej, where Varun is promoting the Apollo life’s Multivitamin Tablets, where the promotions are carried on in full swing.

Upasana expressed saying that “Varun Tej is our new brand ambassador. Rely on Apollo Multi-Vitamins to be as strong as him.”

Already the promotional pictures of Varun Tej along with the Apollo Multi-Vitamins tablets are going viral on the social medias. Upasana is making Apollo groups to reach all with the help of Mega heroes.

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