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At the start of every movie you get to see a disclaimer which states that “Smoking and Drinking is injurious to health”.  But at times you come across a situation wherein you feel that the movie is much more dangerous to health. This movie is on similar lines. The movie is so bad that it instantly gives you a headache. With no logic or an impressive story line in the film, you are left wondering what is it that made the mega hero and the rest of the cast sign the film. At one point in time you tend to feel that they are doing justice to the title by the way they have made the movie itself. Lets get into the details of the story and the execution of the movie.

Story: Aditya (Sai Dharam Tej), is an employee at a real estate firm. He is an easy going, carefree youngster who hangs out with his girlfriends, goes out on parties and does pub hopping most of the time.  He accidentally meets Anjali (Larissa Bonessi) and falls in love with her and goes head over heels the moment he sees her. He gives up his drinking habit for Anjali, but the twist here is she ends up breaking up with him and gets ready to get married to someone else. Meanwhile he loses his job and also another rude shock hits him when his close friend misunderstands him. All these issues ruining his happiness, he lands up at a pub, and in an inebriated state, ransacks the place and also throws a petrol bomb on it. Why did he have to do it? Why did Anjali suddenly break up with him? What exactly happened that night when he was drunk and why is the police on a look out for him is the plot of the film

Analysis :

Actors: This could easily be termed as the worst screen performance of Sai Dharma Tej’s career so far. The person who lights up the screen with his energy, failed to do so this time. In other words, his weak points when it comes to acting have been exposed in this movie. The only bright spot is his stunning dance moves in the movie. But when there are so many songs ruining the flow of the movie, his dancing skills fail to be a saving grace. Larissa Bonessi looks gorgeous, and thats where it ends. There is hardly any scope for a performance for her character and even in those few scene she got for herself, she could not impress with her acting prowess. When it comes to casting Rajendra Prasad, it was a pure waste of such immense talent. The director did not know who to use his talent effectively in the movie. Ali and Mumaith Khan are a couple in the movie. It is a lacklustre pairing and does not evoke laughter or do good to the movie. The other supporting cast does not make an impact either.

Technical Aspects: SS.Thaman scored the music for this film. Taking all the liberties to experiment, he scores some unimpressive numbers. The music is one of the biggest drawbacks of the movie. The production values are rich and it translates on the screen too. Director Sunil Reddy with his terrible direction skills lets the cast and crew down and gives a horrible headache to the audience.

Analysis: Ten minutes into the movie, you will understand that the director has hardly worked on the script and the taking of the film. With a wafer thin story, the director drags each scene to an extent to which you feel like getting out the theatre right away. You fail to understand what made Hat trick hero Sai Dharma Tej sign for this movie when his career is already going great guns with his recent movies doing good at the box office. With the script not holding the audience attention the back to back songs in the film tick you off. The fights do the same to you as the songs. You end thinking if SS Thaman indeed gave an offer of buy one, get one free for his songs, as there are so many of them in the film. The chase scene which is dragged to eternity and the kidnap drama do no good to the proceedings either.

CineDhol Perspective :

Stay away from this one otherwise, you can end up losing your mind

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