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T-Wood Makers Should Not Prefer Tamil Fakes!

Published: Fri 05th Aug 2016 12:09 AM

Tollywood’s Filmmakers Inspired by Those Fake Remunerations?

Tollywood's Filmmakers Fake Remunerations an Inspiration of Kollywood?
Tollywood’s Filmmakers Fake Remunerations an Inspiration of Kollywood?

Kollywood is a place where creativity overflows among many technicians and artists. However, the biggest problem in the industry is that two or three artists and a few technicians prefer manipulated remunerations and hiked collections. Here, remunerations of heroes are heard as Rs.50 cr, Rs.100 crores etc. lately, an utter flop movie was promoted that it fared Rs.600 crores. 

Although huge promotions are made with manipulated numbers, the purpose of making their films as hit ventures is not served. The films of some of the artists are being failed miserably. It seems a few of the Tollywood’s Filmmakers were inspired by the fake remunerations of K-wood’s artists. Perhaps, TFI Filmmakers are doing it to get record pre biz offers for their films so that the amount would be, in turn, invested in their projects for smooth completion of their films without facing financial woes. Altogether, above said Tollywood’s Filmmakers should be more cautious delivering blockbuster hits with their films, else, the overrated publicity may cause intense harm post the release of their films.


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