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Supreme Hero Dharam Tej Counter To Bunny

Supreme Hero Dharam Tej Counter To Bunny

Power star fans are all over the world.  His fan following is no joke at all. They are someone who tolerates when their dear hero gets disrespected or commented negatively.  They proved that no one is an exception if went against their star.

Power star fans got upset and annoyed when Bunny refused to utter Pawan’s name along with them at a mega audio event.  They took to twitter and tagged #Cheppanu Brother, which is a word Bunny himself said at the event when asked to utter Pawan’s name.  Later he explained why he had to say such a thing and refuse the fans of Power Star to get rid of the anger eye of power fans, which seemed as recompense.

Supreme Hero Dharam Tej Counter To Bunny

Sai Dharam Tej counters with #Aapalenu Brother comment to Bunny on his #Cheppanu Brother comment

All this has happened months before and now very recently, supreme hero Dharam Tej has thrown a counter at Bunny.  Recently, Sai Dharam Tej’s Thikka audio launch event was held in which he started off his speech saying #Aapalenu Brother when Pawan fans were shouting out their hero’s name like always they do.

Sai Dharam Tej too joined the fans of Pawan Kalyan and asked them to shout louder.  Sai Dharam is a loving nephew of Pawan and is also a fan of him.  He adores Pawan a lot and it can be seen in his speeches.  This #Aapalenu Brother is thought to be as a counter to Bunny, which turned out to be a trolling tool for Power star fans to troll Bunny on Twitter.

Sai Dharam Tej definitely satisfied the ego of Pawan Kalyan fans with his counter, but we have to wait and see whether it ends with it or else a counter will be uttered soon from anyone.  Let’s hope this ends here so that they can have a healthy relation for a long long time.

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