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Reasons Behind Manamantha Failure!

Published: Sat 13th Aug 2016 08:29 PM

Manamantha Failed… But Why?

Manamantha, A Failure In All Three Languages
Manamantha, A Failure In All Three Languages

Despite winning rave reviews and pinching the audience at heart with emotional content, last week released ‘Manamantha’ failed miserably on commercial perspective. Producer Sai Korrapati maintained the film on very low profile during pre release and post release times. Though big names like Mohan Lal, Gauthami were attached with the project, it found no scope to score decent commercial figures disappointing all the efforts put in by director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti.

‘Basic problem for ‘Manamantha’ lied in casting. Mohan Lal isn’t an audience pulling name in Telugu states and so are Gauthami, Vishwant and Yeleti. More than these names, ‘Manamantha’ title, posters have sent a dubbing film essence into public. While Telugu audience thought it as dubbing film, Tamil and Malayalam audience too thought the same. Resultantly, it failed in all three languages,’ an analyst opined. Nevertheless, promotions were also almost nil.

Emotions are sale-able in Telugu states only when there are recognizable faces. If Venkatesh or Rajendra Prasad would have taken Mohan Lal’s place for ‘Manamantha,’ definitely the Box Office verdict would have been a different ball game. Anyways, it’s too late for Sai Korrapati as the movie is slowly disappearing from theaters.


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