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Prudhvi Targeting Nandamuri Heroes!

Published: Tue 16th Aug 2016 08:12 AM

Nannaku Prematho Spoof In Babu Bangaram From Prudhvi

Prudhvi Nannaku Prematho Spoof - Laugh Louder In Babu Bangaram
Prudhvi Nannaku Prematho Spoof – Laugh Louder In Babu Bangaram

30 years industry Prudhvi is on a dream run. Few years back, Brahmanandam enjoyed this kind of patronage as what Prudhvi is enjoying today with each and every of his character in all the films getting clicked big time. Very recently, Prudhvi faced the ire of Balakrishna Fans when he indiscriminately spoofed Nandamuri Nata Simham in ‘Jakkanna.’ However, Prudhvi later rendered apologies for Balayya Babu Fans and promised never to repeat the same. 

After Balakrishna, looks like Prudhvi has become the target for Junior NTR Fans. All it happened with hilarious parody of ‘Nannaku Prematho’ blasted to frolicking laughs in last week’s new release ‘Babu Bangaram.’ The only episode which registered tremendously in ‘Babu Bangaram’ is Maruthi’s fantastically written imitation of NTR wherein Prudhvi’s getup and background music directly attacked Maruthi, NTR satirically.

As of now, none of the NTR Fans or Sukumar admirers complained on this. Better Prudhvi take proper care while accepting such characters because too much of anything can turn out too bad and playing with sentiments, emotions of other heroes Fans is also a gravely risky move.


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