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Pawans Public Meet: Super Suspense on His Stand

Published: Fri 26th Aug 2016 08:40 PM

Pawan Kalyan’s Public in Tirupati Tomorrow

Pawan Kalyan's Public Meet in Tirupati
Pawan Kalyan’s Public Meet in Tirupati

What comes as a big political tremor in the AP state, all of a sudden, is that Power Star Pawan Kalyan will hold a public meet tomorrow. This is an unexpected and untimely decision of Pawan Kalyan, as said by analysts. Pawan Kalyan has gone dormant politically, ever since the general elections of 2014. He has become the target for critics, as never ever has he questioned the governments breaking his promise during his political campaigns in 2014’s elections. 

With just 2 years and 8 months are left for next general elections, Pawan Kalyan might have thought it would be an indispensable moment his Janasena party to be synergized. Nevertheless, he needs to bestow the clarity on issues like AP’s special status, allocation of funds to Polavaram project, AP state and union government’s administrative blunders. 

If at all Pawan Kalyan extends his solidarity to TDP and BJP in tomorrow’s public meet, Janasena can definitely be considered as a damp squib both by the political analysts and the people. If Pawan Kalyan wants his Janasena to be strengthened, tomorrow’s public meet may stand as a historic moment in the political history of new AP. Let’s wait and watch for tomorrow public meet to know the aims and objectives of Pawan Kalyan.


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