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Pawan Should Do It against Caste

Published: Sat 27th Aug 2016 11:10 PM

Pawan Discloses He Has No Caste

Pawan Kalyan Encourages No Caste
Pawan Kalyan Encourages No Caste

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has reiterated that he has no specific caste and community. Addressing to the huge turnout at Indira Maidan of Tirupati, Pawan Kalyan said he was a Hindu while his daughter was a Christian. He appealed the people not to paint him as particular caste’s personality.

Even after this honest revelation, there are a section of groups, who are still questioning Pawan Kalyan on his caste ideology. “Every now and then, we happen to see Janasena supporters in media, with the names like ‘Royal’, ‘Naidu’ ‘Kapu’ etc Pawan Kalyan should avoid these leaders and should give more space to other sections. On the other hand, Mudragada’s Kapu agitation is going to be intensified next month. Pawan Kalyan should not anyway extend his support to them either through his twitter page or through his word of mouth. And lastly, Pawan Kalyan should not confine encouraging the leaders of one particular community from East and West Godavari districts. If he fulfills all these tasks, he will surely be considered the most honest leader having zero percentage of hypocrisy,” say his well wishers. 

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan announced that he would be conducting first public meet on September 9 in Kakinada seeking special status to AP.


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