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Pawan Kalyan in action! What’s The Reason?

power star Pawan Kalyan is in action. Recently he was disheveled over the news and has gone to Tirupati. The news was that his fan Vinod, who was only 24 years old, was killed abruptly in a fight over fandom. The matter came in open nd the actor went to Tirupati to meet Vinod’s family members and show his consoling over the issue. He was deeply hurt from the action and had a strong belief; confidence and faith on his fans have on him. Apart, he also understood what his fans are expecting from him and is back in action to express his views on the Vinod’s issue as well as on his party Jana Sena Sabha.

Pawan Kalyan in action! What's The Reason?

He strongly feels that being silent is not more needed these days and its time to take some action. He then decided to open up in the proposed Public meeting which is going to be held on August 27th 2016 in Tirupati and all the media members are announced that the meeting will be held at 4.00pm as the public meeting will be aired live. In the meeting, it is likely that the actor will blast all the leaders for the situation of Andhra Pradesh and it is also expected that he will not spare the ruling opposition parties TDP and BJP.

Speaking on the fandom issue, he will also be seen talking on the future plans of the Jana Sena Sabha party and in the year 2014, Pawan made a statement that he came to politics to question. Looks like the hero is in action and is all geared up to take everyone in line. The meeting will be broadcasted live and you can watch it live on your TV’s. stay connected as there is lots more to come.

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