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Pawan Kalyan, A Variety Divorce!

Published: Tue 30th Aug 2016 08:12 AM

Renu Desai Posting Pawan Kalyan Pics

Renu Desai Is Still So Close to Pawan Kalyan
Renu Desai Is Still So Close to Pawan Kalyan

Only few would dare to question Pawan Kalyan on personal grounds and especially about his two divorces before marrying a Russian named Anna and they even have a small kid. However, Pawan’s second wife Renu Desai still maintains close association with ex-husband. Good thing is, she continuously exhibits her affinity with Pawan on social media platforms in one form or the other.

We were earlier reported on Renu approaching Pawan Kalyan to help in Telugu release of her Marathi maiden venture ‘Ishq Wala Love.’ That’s a different story but Renu’s recent activity on Twitter posting her favorite pics of Pawan Kalyan sounded a bit surprising.  

Posting the above picture, Renu said ‘I love the intensity of his eyes and look in this. Hence it’s my favorite Also the skin tone is original and not edited by me. This was clicked by me in 2010. I had just bought my Canon 5d and caught him sitting quietly, thinking and staring into the setting sun rays. I just spoke to him and asked, Kalyan garu said okay to share some more pics of him clicked by me.’

When Pawan is busy with political activities on professional front and making happy living with third wife on personal front, what is Renu actually trying to convey with these kinds of posts? Those who have gone through her tweets are calling this as ‘Variety Divorce’ between Pawan and Renu… the pinnacle of innocence.


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