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Pawan Enters Like Police After Climax Fight?

Published: Mon 29th Aug 2016 08:38 AM

Pawan a Police after Climax Fight?

Pawan Kalyan Comes like a Police after Climax Fight
Pawan Kalyan Comes like a Police after Climax Fight

Having gone through debates on Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s latest public meet and the reflections from various sections including political parties, an interesting criticism on Pawan Kalyan has been brought one’s perception. 

According to the critics, Pawan Kalyan enters the political picture somehow like the police enter after the climax fights are over in movies. When Samaikyandhra movement was in its peak stage, Pawan Kalyan didn’t react on the issue. He criticized politicians only after AP’s division took place. 

A few opposition parties and NGOs have been agitating on AP’s special status for the past two and half years. They made protests through bandh calls, rastha rokos and other means of agitation. Above all, the Congress party moved a private bill on AP’s special status in Rajyasabha recently. Being an allied party, Janasena should have exerted pressure on the BJP. Even then, Pawan Kalyan kept mum and the BJP successfully, made the bill never to see light. Having let all these developments gone, Pawan Kalyan, finally, entered the picture assuring he would fight for special status’ cause. This is tough time Pawan Kalyan to make the people trusted with his acts. Let’s hope he would keep on his word till the end.


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