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Olympics in Amaravati Sure in That Year?

Published: Thu 25th Aug 2016 05:33 PM

Amaravati Olympics Possible in That Year!

Amaravati Olympics in That Year!
Amaravati Olympics in That Year!

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu recently proclaimed that he would be conducting Olympics in Amaravati. This statement of his triggered interesting discussions among political analysts and sports personalities. While most of them treated it as one among the best jokes of CBN, some more analysts have come forward with solid predictions on ‘Olympics in Amaravati’. 

According to the updates, Tokyo will host the Olympics-2020 while the bidding of 2024 has already been completed. It will take a couple of more years to bid for 2028 Olympics. However, world’s top class cities from various countries across the world will compete for 2028’s Olympics. Above all, the countries which wish to conduct Olympics should stand in top order in winning the gold medals.

On the other hand, it is being speculated that Amaravati needs 150 to 200 years to get developed as world class city. To sum up, Olympics in Amaravait may be held in 2200. Chandrababu Naidu gets 250 years of age by then or will he be in his third ‘Punarjanma'(Re-birth) then. Whatever it is, every Amaravathian is eagerly waiting for 2200 year to witness Olympics in their re-births.


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