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Nayanthara’s Lip Kiss With School Kid Creates Controversy

Nayanthara’s Lip Kiss With School Kid Creates Controversy

Nayanathara is delivering back to back hits lately and is on seventh heaven with the success rate she is receiving at the box office.  No matter how many hits she has and how much fan following she has, she falls no short when it comes to involving in controversies.  In three years, Nayan has finally tasted a flop with Thirunanl which stars Jiiva in the lead role.

The movie received a flop talk and is a failure at box office.  Other than the failure, there is something that is making Nayan irked.  It is nothing but a scene that she does in the movie Thirunanl.  Nayan has kissed a little kid on lips on the flick, which has become the talk of the town.  It has now become controversy and people are blaming Nayan for doing such a scene.

Nayanthara's Lip Kiss With School Kid Creates Controversy

Nayan in a controversy

In the scene, Nayan will be presenting gifts to school kids and in return asking them to kiss her on her cheek.  In the process a naughty kid suddenly kisses Nayan on her lips after receiving the gift.  Though the scene did not seem odd, many child and women’s rights activists are complaining about it and demanding the makers of the flick to remove that scene from the flick.

They were saying that such scenes will provoke the mind of children and younglings and demanding to delete it.  They also raised their eyebrows on the director who has such a cheap taste and idea of showcasing such a scene in the movie and Nayan for agreeing and doing such a scene on screen while the makers of the movie are cashing in this controversy as a type of promotion for their movie.

Nayan has many projects in line that will hit screens this month and coming months.

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