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‘My Love Story With Ramya Krishna Isn’t For Sale’, Says Krishna Vamsi

‘My Love Story With Ramya Krishna Isn’t For Sale’, Says Krishna Vamsi

Krishna Vamsi has successfully completed two decades of his carrier in the film industry as a director.  He is tagged as ‘creative director’ for the creativeness he has shown in his films so far.  He is one of the directors who lays big platform for relations in his movies.

In these 20 long years in the industry, he delivered many fine and decent hits as well as disasters.  He just directed 20 movies in his 20 years of carrier, but he managed to make his name in the much talked about director list.  The creative director has given an interview to a leading daily recently in which he shared many personal and professional aspects.

'My Love Story With Ramya Krishna Isn't For Sale', Says Krishna Vamsi

Krishna Vamsi completes two decades in films

He is quite a straightforward man, who speaks his heart out and when asked about his love story with the beautiful Ramya Krishna and their married life he said that ‘his love story with Ramya Krishna is not for sale’.  He wants to keep it private and does not like to reveal it to the world.

When asked about the rumors saying about Ramya Krishna applying for divorce true, he said that he and Ramya Krishan just joke and laugh about such rumors and take them lite, which implies that they both are head over heels in love to date.

When asked if he blown away Ramya Krishna’s money on Sri Anjaneyam movie, he said that he had not accepted a single penny from her till date and that he will die the day he accepts any money from her.  And when asked about him going to the shoot without even having a script in hand, he said that he is not answerable to anyone.

Krishna Vamsi is now working on Nakshatram movie.  Sundeep Kishan is the main cast of the movie.

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