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Manamantha Movie Live Updates

Manamantha Movie Live Updates

Manamantha Movie Live Updates

Creative director Chandrasekhar Yeleti has come up “Manamantha”, where the versatile actors Mohan Lal is coming back to Tollywood industry after some gap and also actress Gauthami are seen in lead roles. Filmmaker Chandrasekhar Yeleti who narrates some good stories with an interesting screenplay is now directing some unique story of four individuals. The movie has some huge emotions carried by the lead cast.

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Today, i.e., August 5th, 2016, “Manamantha” is grandly releasing into the theaters and now lets watch the live updates of “Manamantha”.

10.50 Am: Here comes Taraka Ratna in the special guest role.

10.45 Am: All the four individuals stories are moving in a good way with some good number of twists.

10.40 Am: One more interesting twist in the tale has taken place.

10.30 Am: The movie is engaging and its going smooth, still the lead characters meeting is awaited.

10.25 Am: Now its time for the second track, Ee Kalam…!

10.15 Am: The second half starts with a Kidnap drama.

9.50 Am: Some major crime twist has taken place. Now its time for Interval.

9.45 Am: Its time for some twists in the story, the movie is moving towards the interval.

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Manamantha Pre-Review !!

Manamantha Pre-Review !!

9.40 Am: The movie has now shifted to some gripping plot and its very interesting.

9.30 Am: Its time for song, Ashalalo…!

9.25 Am: The movie is moving on a simple note, with the four individual characters.

9.20 Am: Vennela Kishore makes his entry as School teacher.

9.15 Am: Evergreen actress Gautami makes her entry as a housewife and the fourth individual of the story Viswant is also introduced, where he is an intelligent Prodigy Computer Student.

9.10 Am:  The second character, a school girl is introduced, where she is very kind hearted towards the poor people.

9.05 Am: Mohanlal makes his entry onto the screen in a simple way, where he an assistant manager of Supermarket.

9.00 Am: “Manamantha” started, titles are rolling on.

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