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Koratala Defines Commercial Cinema!

Published: Sun 28th Aug 2016 08:42 AM

Koratala Siva Definition of a Commercial Cinema

Koratala Siva On Heroic Elevation In Commercial Cinema
Koratala Siva On Heroic Elevation In Commercial Cinema

Right from age old directors to current generation star directors, every movie which emerged as a blockbuster at Telugu Box Office went on re-defining the real meaning of Commercial Cinema. For all those audience or critics who follow a rigid formula of four to five songs, four to five fights, regular heroic elevation, randomly spread humor, glamorous heroine in songs and a strong villain…this isn’t enough for the connotation of a Commercial Movie.

‘A film’s commercial shelf life depends on story or actual point and the subject we are dealing with. This point should be powerful and strong enough. Commercial cinema just doesn’t mean presenting a hero in bright or newer light. For me, a movie which delivers wider social message into the society through heroic medium is called a right commercial movie.               

Basically, I pick my points from society and day to day happenings around me. I learnt this as a practice. So, I keep on showing the same in my films. Heroism should only become a part of movie but entire movie cannot be shouldered only on heroism. I make sure that every story of mine runs with larger than life treatment,’ Koratala said.


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