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Janatha Concept a Solution to Global Warming?

Published: Wed 31st Aug 2016 11:13 PM

Janatha Garage’s Message a Solution for Global Warming?

Janatha Garage's Message Deals with Global Warming and Its Solution?
Janatha Garage’s Message Deals with Global Warming and Its Solution?

As we know, one of the major problems being faced by the world today is global warming. Our earth’s surface is becoming hot day by day trapping the heat from the sun and rising the atmospheric level of Carbon Dioxide. Deforestation is said to be one of the major causes for the rise in temperature of earth. 

It’s a known news that Young Tiger NTR will be seen as an environmentalist in ‘Jantha Garage’. He takes utmost care in growing trees and planing saplings in the film. Reports are that four action sequences have been incorporated in this message mixed mass entertainer. 

One of the fight sequences has been designed as an eco friendly sequence which conveys the message that how mother earth should be protected by the human beings. Now that the film encourages plantation, environmental protection and conservation of nature, obviously, the movie’s concept can be treated as the best solution for global warming.


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