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Hum Jeetne Tak Ladenge: Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan finally unveiled the first and firm political strategy on behalf of Jana Sena at the on-going Tirupathi meeting. Power Star’s ultimate goal is described in one line and it’s his fight for special status to Andhra Pradesh. For all those who thought of Pawan as a ‘Thoththu’ to TDP and BJP, here comes the answer. Verbally, Pawan spoke some powerful words as a part of his speech declaring his war against ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh and BJP at centre. 

Here are the few excerpts from Pawan Kalyan speech:

1. I think a lot before speaking the words because words can’t be taken back.

2. Adugu Vesthe Kaalu Virigela Undakoodadu. Adugu Munduku Vesthe Thala Yegiri Padaali. Alaanti Adugu Veyyali, Anduke Nenu Prathi Adugu Aaalochinchi Vestha.

3. I don’t need politics and I am also not at all interested in movies. I just crave to fight for healthy society and country.

4. We utter many dialogues in movies. I have concern for my society, my people and my country.

5. Current political leaders aren’t serving any inspiration for youth by disobeying the made promises.

6. The real treasure of a country is not its mineral resources, it’s the youth population.

7. Some people ridiculed Jana Sena and me as Modi and Naidu’s pet. We are not so. They also addressed me as Rubber Singh.

8. I am against caste, religious and regional disparities. I am a Hindu, my wife is Russian and my daughter took Christianity.

9. I do not have any interest on Ministries and Portfolios. I am concerned more with society suffering with many issues. An antidote is needed for all these sufferings. 

10. I respect my ideals and principles. So, I kept away from joining any other regional or national party despite their repeated attempts to lure me. 

11. I am stepping in to question the Central Government’s stand on the reasons why is it delaying the Special Status to AP. My first protest meeting will be held in Kakinada on September 9th.

12. I owe my life for my state and country’s well being.

13. I am deeply upset with Central leaders and their attitude towards Andhra Pradesh wherein the welfare is forgotten.

14. I may be a failure and fall down but I never run away from facing the problems. 

15. Here is my kind request to all the Fans. Please, do not indulge in Fan wars.

16. I am a sincere tax payer. I earn in Crores and pay the taxes in Crores. 

17. This is my call for entire youth to begin their questioning on ruling parties. 

18. BJP is repeating the same mistakes committed by Congress during bifurcation. This is the time they re-check facts and formulate strategies.

19. Hum Jeetne Tak Ladenge. Special Status Leke Hi Rahenge. This is my ultimatum to Centre.

20. Our MPs need Hindi classes to understand.

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