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How 32 Lakh People Watched Srirasthu?

Published: Mon 29th Aug 2016 08:12 PM

Allu Sirish’s Justification of 32 Lakhs Audience of Srirasthu Shubhamasthu

Allu Sirish on 32 Lakhs Audience of 'Srirasthu Shubhamasthu'
Allu Sirish on 32 Lakhs Audience of ‘Srirasthu Shubhamasthu’

Even after three week’s of successful run, Mega hero Allu Sirish’s ‘Srirasthu Shubhamasthu’ is being promoted aggressively. Interestingly, the fourth week’s posters of the film read the words, ‘Heartful thanks to the 32,00,000 audience for watching in theaters.’

This innovative publicity has led interesting discussions among movie buffs. Some of the people wondered how 32 lakhs number would be possible for the film. Allu Sirish, however, has explained clearly how this big number of people watched the film. 

According to Sirish, the film was watched by 32 lakhs audience in such a way the film minted Rs.13 crores gross and Rs.8.5 crores share. If the ticket’s price is Rs.150 in Hyderabad, the same ticket priced at Rs.25 in a small center like Jangareddy Gudem of West Godavari district. Altogether, the number of people watched the film in other centers is significantly bigger than the number in Hyderabad.


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