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Godaramma and Krishnamma Angry on TDP?

Published: Sun 14th Aug 2016 01:02 PM

Godaramma and Krishnamma Should Not Curse TDP!

Godaramma and Krishnamma to Curse TDP?
Godaramma and Krishnamma to Curse TDP?

Telugu people do not confine themselves treating Godavari and Krishna as just rivers. They worship the rivers as goddesses Godaramma And Krishnamma. They perform pujas,rituals and other religious activities with utmost devotion during pushkaralu of both the rivers.

Leaving a shocker to everyone and all, the TDP government in AP, has made Pushkarau a personal affair. Imbibing pushkaralu as the government’s special event, the TDP government invited many politicians and celebs for Krishna pushkaralu. “Who are they to invite us for pushkaralu? This occasion is connected with every person and one need not own it. Actually, what is the need for the government to spend Rs.1600 crores for just ‘Pinda Pradhanalu’ a sacred ritual? questioned some pilgrims at Pushkara ghats. 

Meanwhile, some pundits suggested, “CBN should stop becoming an event manager. Else, Godaramma And Krishnamma may jointly curse the government. It should do no good for the people and government of AP.”


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