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Evaru Movie Review and Rating: Another trial from Taraka Ratna

Evaru Movie Review and Rating: Another trial from Taraka Ratna

Evaru Movie Review and Rating: Another trial from Taraka Ratna

Evaru Movie Review and Rating: 2.5/5

Director: Venkata Ramana Selva

Producer: Muppa Ankamma Chowdary

Music Director: Yogeshwar Sharma

Here are casts of Evaru film…

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Evaru Movie Review:

Evaru Movie Story:

Nandamuri Taraka Ratna who entertained the audience as a villain in the film Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, has now come up with a suspense thriller movie Evaru, directed by Venkata Ramana Selva.

Many suspense thrillers revolves around a house, Evaru is also such type of picture, in which, the story revolves around a House.

Coming to the story details, Shekhar (Tarakaratna) is a journalist who has a passion to solve several mysterious cases ! He is a heretic, who does not believe in superstitions.

Meanwhile, he come across a strange case, where Yamini Chandra (Panchi Bora) faces abnormal illusions and paranormal activities. He never believed her words. To solve this case, he shifts to Yamini’s house. After shifting to her house, he too started facing the same illusions, which are faced by Yamini. What happens in the house? Will Shekhar succeeded in solving the case? forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

Taraka Ratna has done a good job in this film. He acted very well, especially he performed very well after shifting to her house. The way he showed his emotions in crunchy situations and carries the entire film on his shoulder, shows his experience.

Panchi Bora also impressed the audience with her acting skills. As usual veteran actor Nassar acted very well.

Evaru Review – Plus Points:

Some thrilling scenes

Taraka Ratna’s performance

Evaru Review – Minus Points:


Second Half

Evaru Review – Analysis:

The director tried an excellent story plot but VFX work could have been done better. Many scenes have a sudden cut. Music and background scores are Okay. Cinematography is just Ok. Narration is also slow. Except main leads, others did not had any chance to perform well.

Verdict: Suspense Thriller for this weekend.

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