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Dont Worry, Change Title Before Release!

Published: Sat 27th Aug 2016 04:03 PM

Malini 22 Titled As Ghatana, Yamini Chandra Sekhar Changed As Yevaru

Malini 22 Becomes Ghatana, Yamini Chandra Sekhar Is Yevaru
Malini 22 Becomes Ghatana, Yamini Chandra Sekhar Is Yevaru

After bankrolling decent budgets, there are special cases when producers fail to get their movies into theaters for some awkward reasons like missing a mile in catching the pulse of audience with poor titles. A couple of movies completed with shoot and first round of promotions but faced problems with release are now finding their way into cinema halls.

Yes, you got it right. First one among them is Nandamuri Taraka Rathna and Panchi Bora’s yesterday released ‘Yevaru,’ actually made and publicized with original title ‘Yamini Chandra Sekhar.’ When makers found the title unpleasing, failing to generate any buzz on pre release trade they kept the film in wraps for few years. When everyone forgot about ‘Yamini Chandra Sekhar,’ they promoted the same as ‘Yevaru’ very convincingly.

Second film falling into the same classic case is ‘Malini 22 Palayamkottai.’ Directed by Sri Priya, this movie was almost ready for release long ago in Telugu under the title ‘Malini 22.’ Due to ‘Drushyam’ and ‘Kumari 21 F’ falling around the same time, makers waited for a long time and finally coming now with a changed title ‘Ghatana.’ Many of the audience unaware of such tactical moves from our producers consider them as new movies.


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