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Damn Sure! Pawan against Chiru Politically!

Published: Sat 27th Aug 2016 08:51 PM

Pawan Continues His Anti Chiranjeevi Stand Politically

Pawan Kalyan Politically Against Chiranjeevi
Pawan Kalyan Politically Against Chiranjeevi

A revolutionary Pawan Kalyan, who has taken the stand of fighting for AP’s special status has been welcomed by all the people of AP. But then, he has lot of aspirations and ambitions politically. More importantly, he seems to have been continuing his hatred stand on the political party which is headed by Megastar Chiranjeevi in the state. 

Looking into the speech of Pawan Kalyan in a political angle, he criticized the Congress party to the core. His satires, punches,pun and mockery on Sonia Gandhi and Congress MPs were delivered with utmost involvement of the star. On the contrary, he has shown lot of dignity and respect while criticizing Modi and Chandrababu Naidu. A clear difference of his gestures and body language can be clearly witnessed. Somehow, it appeared Pawan Kalyan is taking revenge on Chiranjeevi in the name of abusing the Congress party. 

It is a common practice ruling parties are slammed the most in the agitations by the leaders but not the opposition parties. But then, Pawan Kalyan simply made reversal of it. Ironically, it was the Congress party that put a private bit in the Rajyasabha recently for voting and the BJP made it to be dumped into the dustbin. A few political analysts also expressed their doubts if the BJP, itself, is behind implementing an interesting strategy. If at all Pawan Kalyan fights for special status and subsequently if BJP announces the same, both the parties contest together jointly for next general elections. Whatsoever, people’s welfare should be the ultimate wish of everyone.


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