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Comedian Prudhvi Apologizes For Spoofing Balakrishna Dialogues

Comedian Prudhvi Apologizes For Spoofing Balakrishna Dialogues

Character artist turned comedian Prudhvi is on cloud nine with his back to back hits.  With his very popular dialogue ’30 years industry’ he came into fame. The comedian has been sharing a good screen space in many recent films and his presence is one of the assets for film success undoubtedly.

He has making a good fan base for his comedy and people are really enjoying his acting lately.  Nevertheless, Prudhvi’s very recent appearance in movie Jakkanna has made him get trolled by the fans of Balakrishna in the social media.

Comedian Prudhvi Apologizes For Spoofing Balakrishna Dialogues

Now-a-days trolling has become so common.  Fans of stars were trolling the people who were acting against or disrespecting their favorites.  Now it’s the turn for Prudhvi to get trolled by the fans of Balayya.  In the recent Jakkanna movie he uttered a lot of dialogues of Balakrishna.

Comedian Prudhvi trolled by Balakrishna fans for spoofing his Dialogues in Jakkanna movie

He essayed the role of a police officer named Katakatala Kattappa in the flick.  Almost all the dialogues he said were spoofs from Balakrishna movies.  He even followed the same mannerism as Balakrishna while uttering the dialogues.  This spoofing of Balayya went a bit overboard and so it raised anger in the fans of Balakrishna.

Fans of Balakrishna have taken to the social media to troll Prudhvi for his spoofs.  Prudhvi immediately apologized to Balakrishna fans and said that he will never again spoof Balayya in his films in the future.  He also said that he has been a huge fan of Balakrishna since his childhood and that he never has an intention to disrespect him in the name of comedy.

As his popular dialogue says, Prudhvi has been in the Telugu film industry since many years and has risen to fame by donning various comic roles in various films.

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