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Chiranjeevi Unique with 9 Rasaas of Acting

85 years of Indian film industry was ruled by number one heroes of various languages in different generations. Megastar Chiranjeevi, however, stands unique among them having been skilled at exhibiting all nine rasaas (navarasalu–nine emotions or nine moods) in movies. Furthermore, he is outstanding at dances and fights. Some of the number ones might have been too good at some of the emotions(rasaas) while some more number ones might have acted movies of various genres. But surely, there is no other hero of India who has great command at performance with navarasaalu, dances and fights. Checkout the following analysis on Chiranjeevi’s performance.

SHRINGARA (LOVE): This is the first one among navarasaalu and has greater significance in human’s life. Like many other top actors Chiranjeevi performs great with this emotion. There are numerous films wherein Chiranjeevi exhibited this emotion.

HAASYA(JOY, COMEDY): This is the most typical area where many artists fail at displaying this rasa. Chiranjeevi is undoubtedly stands the best flaunting this emotion. We can watch Chiranjeevi’s ultimate humour in movies like ‘Chantabbai’, ‘Donga Mogudu’, ‘Rowdy Alludu’, ‘Gharana Mogudu’ and ‘Shakar Dada MBBS’. 

ADBUTHA (WONDER): Chiranjeevi amazed the audience with his specialized get ups and scenes in a couple of films. People wondered watching Chiranjeevi’s performances in the get ups like ‘Khaidi’, ‘Sri Manjunadha’, ‘Indra’ and others.

SHANTHA (PEACE): Chiranjeevi performed Shantha rasam in movies like ‘Rudhraveena’, ‘Swayamkrishi’ etc. 

RAUDRA (ANGER): As an angry young man Chiranjeevi enthralled the audience in movies like ‘Khaidi’, ‘Goonda’, ‘Jwala’, ‘Rakshasudu’ and many other films.

VEERA (COURAGE): Chiranjeevi’s fights with goons, his confrontation scenes with villains come under this category. Chiranjeevi’s nerve wracking action sequences can be watched in movies like ‘Yamakinkarudu’, ‘Sivudu Sivudu Sivudu’, ‘Kirathakudu’, ‘Goonda’ etc. His challenges with Rao Gopala Rao in ‘Challenge’, Nagma in ‘Gharanamogudu’ and with Mukhesh Rishi in ‘Indra’ are remarkable.

KARUNA (SADNESS): Chiranjeevi was the best at displaying this performance in movies like ‘Snehamkosam’, ‘Daddy’ etc. 

BHAYANAKA (FEAR): Chiranjeevi flaunted this emotion in the movie ‘Chiranjeevi’ superbly.

BHEEBHATSA (DISGUST): Too much violence comes under this category. Chiranjeevi killing goons in movies like ‘Indra’ and ‘Khaidi’ come under ‘Bheebhatsa’ category. 

NAVARASALU IN Chiranjeevi’S DANCES: Very few number of actors may have been skilled at exhibiting all navarasalu in performance. But performing the same in dances is only done by Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi’s romance can be seen in numerous songs. His anger through a dance can be seen in ‘Lankeswarudu’ (I am mad). His veera rasam can be watched in ‘Gang Leader’s title song and the list goes on.

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