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Chiranjeevi Should Act in Politics!

Published: Sun 28th Aug 2016 07:10 AM

Will Chiranjeevi Start Acting in Politics?

Chiranjeevi Needs to Act in Politics?
Chiranjeevi Needs to Act in Politics?

During late 70s and early 80s, some of the film stars of South India stepped into the shoes of politics and got fruitful results. They appeared to have shown the similar performance in speeches as they had done in films. Their gestures, body languages and exhibiting some rasaalu (emotions) in speeches made the crowds spellbound and eventually, they got key positions in politics. Even after assuming key positions they would continue wearing interesting costumes apart from delivering cinematic speeches. 

The PM Narendra Modi, though, is not being actor, he has inbuilt qualifications of the same. As such, many a times we can witness cinematic speeches of Modi. And now, some of the film stars down South started following the trend set by 80s politicians. Cinematic speeches are getting prominence and people are also responding quite positively with these speeches by the leaders. 

As we know, Megastar Chiranjeevi entered politics in 2008. He promised people to do gentleman’s politics in his new profession. Having been abided by his promise, he tried to be realistic in speeches in spite of being an actor. That’s why, scarcely do we see over the board expressions, shouts and navarasaalu in his speeches. In short, he is considered as the poor actor in politics by his fans. A few of them also demand Chiranjeevi to prefer acting in speeches to achieve better results. Will he pay head of them?


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