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CBN Secretly Amused with Sujanas Claps?

Published: Sat 06th Aug 2016 06:29 PM

Sujana’s Claps Make CBN Merry?

Sujana Chowdary's Claps Cheered Chandrababu?
Sujana Chowdary’s Claps Cheered Chandrababu?

Many a times AP’s CM Chandrababu Naidu proclaimed that special status wouldn’t be a medicine like Sanjeevani. Even though all opposition parities were united were protesting for special status, the AP CM tried his best to suppress those agitations. The other day, when opposition parties called for a bandh, the police, who were directed by the government, warned the heads of offices, malls and educational institutions to keep their offices remain opened in stead of bandh being observed intensely. 

Now that the demand for special status has been intensified, CBN has to enact as if he were not an obstacle for AP’s special status. But then, the party’s MPs could not resist their emotions in parliament. As and when Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley expressed his opinion KVP’s Private Members Bill is a Money Bill and a call on it could taken only in Lok Sabha. However,Congress MPs condemned the statement of the Finance Minister. Afterwards, Rajya Sabha deputy chairman Kurien forwarded KVP’s Bill to Lok Sabha seeking clarification on whether its a Money Bill or Not. Immediately, Sujana Chowdary clapped as if he was welcoming the decision. 

“Although CBN condemned the strange act of Sujana in parliament, he would have secretly amused with the gesture of Sujana,” opined some analysts who reckoned CBN’s passive attitude was the reason for center denying special category status to AP.


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