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Best Gossips and Worst Gossips

Published: Sun 07th Aug 2016 08:40 PM

Types of Gossips

Gossips and Types
Gossips and Types

Politics and movies are two areas wherein origin of numerous Gossips take place. Gossips are of many types. Checkout the following.

Best Gossips: These are the Gossips which do not harm anyone. They are not intended to degrade anyone. Some times these Gossips are aimed at doing favour to the people who are connected with the Gossips.

Worst Gossips: These Gossips are aimed at spilling venom on target people. They usually target the people who achieved great heights in their lives and stand as inspiration to many people. Meanwhile, some people unknowingly spread the Gossips which are already in circulation. In such cases, the creators of the Gossips should be blamed but not those people who spread them out. 

Caste based Gossips: As far as AP is concerned caste plays a vital role in politics. As such some of the Gossips are intended to target politicians or to do good to their favourite politicians. For an instance, the AP CM visited President Pranab Mukherji recently. The next day, an yellow paper published that the president praised CM that he was the best in India and every CM should learn from him. No one knows how that media came to know the conversation held between president and the CM. Incidentally no other media published the news.

Silly Gossips: The creators of these Gossips believe that they were creating interesting Gossips which would be believed by everyone. The fact that, there are no takers for these Gossips.


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