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Babu Bangaram

Indomitable film carrier and a pre fix of Victory to his name, Hero Venkatesh has always proved himself time and again in 30 years of his acting which made him the most loved actor . A branded start and some turning point hits made Maruthi the Director he is. When a film is releasing with both of them in it and    hit pairing with Nayatara as a bonus  what else can stop audiences from expecting big from it. Same thing happened with “ Babu Bangaram” staring  Venky opened with very huge expectation. Lets see if it could sustain the same after release


Story : A kind heart Police commissioner Krishna (Venkatesh)  He is so sensitive that he helps the same goons whom he himself  beats up .It so happens that when he goes is search of a absconding thief and starts helping  his  daughter   Sailu  (Nanayantara) after knowing her problems at home. Krishna keeps the fact that he is police commissioner as a secret and tries helping her. In this process starts loving her. But unfortunately Sailu gets to know that Krishna is a Police commissioner who came in search for her dad. Dejected by this she leaves Krishna. Will Krishna ever get back to her? What is the problem in which Sailu’s father involved ? forms the crux of the film

Analysis :

Any one can draw inference that this story reminds Nag starer” Nirnayam.” Which has similar story line of hero chasing heroine’s dad on some case and falling in love with her and she leaving him after knowing the truth. Maruthi tried using same old formula with his mark comedy. Using “Bathai babji ” to support 1st half and posani krishna murali in 2nd half makes it look like there is no strength in the story. This film didnt add any mileage to Nayan nor dose she add anything to the film. Comedy sequences were looking forced than natural.

Venky dose look really young and he is definitely the strength of the film by all means. He could pull off the comedy very easily  with just emoting it.

Technical : Film looks really rich. The title track is very catchy.   In RR bobbili raja tune was a high light. But as writer and director Maruthi stumbled.

CineDhol Perspective :

you can happily watch this time pass entertainer with your entire family

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