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Anti Mega Gossips without Basic Knowledge?

Published: Tue 02nd Aug 2016 08:28 AM

Anti Mega News with No Basic Knowledge?

Anti Mega Rumours without Basic Knowledge!
Anti Mega Rumours without Basic Knowledge!

In a process of spilling venom on popular personalities, some of the anti fans prefer to spread silly news items without having basic knowledge. One such gossip is about Mega heroes and their income tax issues. 

According to the reports, Megastar Chiranjeevi and all other heroes of the Mega compound have got their income tax accounts in Chennai jurisdiction. Citing this as a reason, anti fans made a news out of it. They say, income taxes paid by Mega heroes would go to Tamil Nadu’s government. “Had Mega heroes paid their taxes through AP’s jurisdiction, the state would have got benefited to some extent and the heroes had got an opportunity to serve for their state,” say the anti fans.

In fact, the tax payed by every individual goes to only central government but not for any state. The center, in turn will pay to state government based on a formula recommended  by finance commission which considers population, forest cover, fiscal capacity etc., 42% will be paid to all states together. With in those 42 % ,each state’s share gets decided upon above said formula.


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