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Alia talks about having multiple boyfriends

Alia Bhatt has been giving some splendid performances on screen lately. And the actress has also been seen giving out some bold statements in recent times during both her press conferences and also her interviews. While in a recent interview the actress said in her view the main reason why Indian actresses don't talk openly about their relationships is because women are scrutinised over the relationships they have. She said, "In India, you are a part of a society that's very judgemental. Here, girls having multiple boyfriends is still a huge deal and something that is frowned upon…

The reason actresses don't talk about their private lives is because in our society there is a lot of slut-shaming. Eventually, I have a responsibility and I have to protect myself", when asked on the tendency of the country to follow the West in general and still having reservations while talking openly about love. On being asked whats the worst thing about being a star she said, "There's a lot of pressure. Like, yes, you get to fly First Class and it's all very fancy and awesome but the minute you land at the airport, you're scrutinised for the choice of your footwear. I mean, I don't want that."

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