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Akhil Not Hearing To Nagarjuna!

Published: Tue 16th Aug 2016 08:30 AM

Akhil Taking Decisions Without Nagarjuna Involvement!?

Nagarjuna Stopped Advising Akhil!?
Nagarjuna Stopped Advising Akhil!?

It’s the duty of Akkineni Nagarajuna as a responsible father to keep his son Akhil’s career on track before time runs away. His debut film ‘Akhil’ had many inferences to read, learn, understand and move forward. But, Akhil seems to be the same and deep burying into confusion on which subject to take up and which director to pick up? From Vamsy Paidipally to Hanu Raghavapudi and Maruthi, media quoted enough names to associate with him but not even one finally locked for his second.  

At this juncture, Nagarjuna’s initiation can only help Akhil in moving forward because seniority and experience always counts in this sort of tough, perplexing situations. Meanwhile, film sources have commented something really shocking. Nagarjuna is learnt to have left all the options open and admittedly gave final decision making authority to Akhil without involving much.

‘Initially Nag was so careful holding the finger of Akhil and guiding him. But, Akhil reached a matured stage wherein he can’t totally rely on Nag’s judgment. When Nag found Akhil capable enough, he left his son’s finger. Finally, Nag is neither deliberate to give a suggestion nor Akhil is in a conscious state of mind to listen the same,’ a source commented. That’s what we call, independent style of living which current generation loves.


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