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Why Yellow Newspaper Cry on Top Hero?

Published: Fri 15th Jul 2016 09:43 PM

Why Newspaper’s Hatred Articles on Top Hero?

Newspaper's Hatred Articles on Top Hero
Newspaper’s Hatred Articles on Top Hero

A number one yellow Newspaper seems to have turned too sensitive these days that it fails to get resistance to control its jealousy on a  top hero of Tollywood. This yellow Newspaper is the pioneer of yellow journalism of united Andhra Pradesh. Since the TDP is ruling the AP, yellow Newspaper’s bias reached to pinnacle of its career now. 

Although the Newspaper wins at times making its favourite political party assuming power in AP, never ever could it get victory in Tollywood both as a production company and making its favourite heroes as number ones.

Since the number one hero is doing the landmark film, yellow Newspaper has reportedly started slinging the mud on that hero. Since its favourite hero lost his market in the industry and no way being considered as the top league hero, the yellow Newspaper started publishing hatred articles on a top hero. Pathetically, all these attempts of the Newspaper turned out to be futile exercises.


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