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Why Should Rajini Allow Those Gossips?

Published: Tue 19th Jul 2016 08:07 AM

Rajini’s Latest Pic in US

Rajinikanth's Latest Pics in US Revealed
Rajinikanth’s Latest Pics in US Revealed

Since Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth left for US and stayed there longer keeping, himself, away from the promotions of ‘Kabali’, media, naturally, indulged in cooking up various stories. It was widely rumoured that Rajini suffered with serious health issues and even underwent kidney transplantation. 

Hearing all these reports, obviously, fans have got worried about the health of Rajini to the core. Even then, Rajini kept mum on these speculations. At last, Aishwarya Dhanush, the daughter of Rajinikanth, has posted above pic hinting that everything is fine with her dad.

“Appa n I @ his guru Satchidananda’s”Lotus all faiths temple” 30th anniversary  Yogaville Virginia #BlessedSunday,” posted Aishwarya. It was a million dollar question that why has Rajini let the gossips on his ill health allowed in media making his fans frustrated all these days. While anti fans say this is to gain sympathy which in turn advantageous to ‘Kabali’, fans believe that Rajini shouldn’t react for useless speculations.


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