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What If Chiranjeevi Not Merged PRP?

It is a known fact that the Prajarajyam Party, spearheaded by Megastar Chiranjeevi, was merged into the Congress Party post the general elections of 2009. Chiranjeevi has been received brickbats from various sections all these years especially from yellow media houses and opposition parties. Somehow, yellow media seems to have been succeeded with the Goebbels Propaganda on PRP’s merger. 

In the meanwhile, some of the common people and well wishers of Chiranjeevi thought that Chiranjeevi took a hasty decision merging his party into the Congress. But then, what if Chiranjeevi not merged his party into the Congress? Following analysis may give us a clarity.

* Some people thought that PRP could have got benefited during AP state’s bifurcation. As a matter of fact, AP state was completely submerged in caste and money politics and yellow media is just a replica of it. As such, the raise of PRP might have been a futile exercise. 

* Also, most of the people of AP habituated to be administered by feudalistic parties and upper sections. It’s a Herculean task their mindsets to be changed by anyone.

Is There Any Use PRP’s Merger with the Congress?

* Chiranjeevi said he merged his party believing that social justice would be possible with the Congress party only. However, the party lost the faith of the people with state’s division. Yet again, as a tourism minister, Chiranjeevi has done his best sending the feelers that he could be a better administrator than anybody else in the AP state. 

* In the future, the Congress party may ally with the opposition parties like YSR Congress and others and can get strength. No wonder, the party, itself, gains strength. In such cases, Chiranjeevi may again play a vital role in AP’s politics.

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