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Well, Nayanathara Wedding Soon!

Published: Sun 03rd Jul 2016 08:38 AM

Nayanathara, Vignesh Wedding in December!?

Nayanathara, Director Vignesh In Love
Nayanathara, Director Vignesh In Love

This is not the right time to begin with past romantic upsets in Nayanathara life because she is enjoying a bright phase in love life with director Vignesh. This has been a widely circulated rumor from long time but they have made the relation almost official at an awards show recently held in Singapore. 

According to reports, Vignesh and Nayan made their first official appearance as a couple by walking in together to the venue. Comfortably seating besides each other, they enjoyed the evening sharing jokes laughing. When the time has come for both of them to receive the awards for ‘Nanum Rowdy Dhaan’ (in Telugu… Nenu Rowdeene), their words spoke more meaning.

‘Nayanathara is the best human being I ever met. I thank her for coming to the script reading and falling in love.’ Vignesh said and Nayan was all in laughs as if mentioning of falling in love. When the time came for Nayan to receive the Best Actress award, she went far more. 

‘I wasn’t sure whether I can pull off the character but Vicky (Vignesh) encouraged me and said no one else could do it but me. I apologize with the guests and senior actors on stage. I actually wanted to receive this award from him. Please can I call Vicky on stage,’ as Nayan said Vignesh ran on to stage to hug her. That was more than enough to exhibit the love so openly and Chennai sources soon murmured on Nayan-Vignesh planning for a wedding in December.


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