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This Way of Publicity Dont Help Films!

Published: Fri 22nd Jul 2016 06:24 PM

Fake Promotions Do Not Help Films?

Kabali's Promotions Misleading?
Kabali’s Promotions Misleading?

Promotions of movies can be classified into two types. In the first category, promotions are done with honesty. Filmmakers prefer promotions revealing exactly what they had done for their films. On the contrary, filmmakers of second category of films indulge in various ways of manipulated publicity. Firstly they boast about the budget and heroes remunerations with extraordinary numbers to ensure good pre biz done for their films. 

Owing to the emergence of technology, and innovative ways of publicity is being made by some netigens so as to cooperate filmmakers. Above pic of ‘Kabali’ is said to be photoshopped by some experts who are good at photoshopping. strangely, some yellow newspapers of AP are promoting films showing this kind of evidences. 

Observers felt media shouldn’t have to mislead the audience with these kind of promotions. They also reckon that this kind of promotions may not help movies’ fate most of the times.


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