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This Time Ali Faces Suhasinis Ire!

Published: Wed 06th Jul 2016 11:51 AM

Suhasini Humiliated With Ali Comedy At SIIMA

Suhasini Says Ali To Stop Making Filthy Fun
Suhasini Says Ali To Stop Making Filthy Fun

Will comedian Ali ever change? Despite many controversies broke out on his sexist remarks against heroines at several film functions, he seems to never mend his ways. Apparently, Ali might make these statements in lighter vein and victims may not bother much about them but it’s the audience in auditorium and outsiders from film industry condemn those actions.

As we all know, Ali makes it as a part of entertaining the crowds but he said sorry few days ago. Now, the new controversy which we are hearing through other media agencies is about renowned actress Suhasini softly warned Ali to never repeat such indignity acts in front of public gatherings. All it was said to have happened at SIIMA 2016 where Ali was again at his regular best flow.

When Suhasini felt Ali’s comic timing and lines were filthy, she asked him to stop making such comments in the name of entertainment. ‘You guys are doing good job to entertain us with quick wits. But, better avoid poking fun at kids and women which is in a bad taste,’ Suhasini reportedly said. When Ali tried to offer an explanation, Suhasini was in no mood to hear him. Well, not everywhere Ali can find Telugu patrons who take everything for granted. He should first observe the front row dignitaries before beginning his actions.


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