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Sunil Six Packs – Climax Shifts to Interval

Published: Thu 28th Jul 2016 09:31 PM

Sunil Jakkanna Interval Block Action Packed

Sunil Six Packs For Jakkanna Interval
Sunil Six Packs For Jakkanna Interval

Sunil’s rise from a supporting artist, comedian to a hero has been a phenomenal journey. Currently, he is one of the most beloved heroes in Telugu industry majorly for his dedication and hard work went into the career. More than a simple hero, Sunil at this age took lot of physical strain in chiseling his body to build six pack abs which were of course displayed in few of his last movies.

‘Jakkanna’ will be no different. The film set for a grand release tomorrow will once again have Sunil ripping off his shirt during action block. For a change, this action episode will not come during climax but it will be for a deadly interval block designed specially by Sunil himself along with director Vamsi Krishna Akella.

Sunil plays a full length comedian role in the film with lesser heroic shades. While interval episode is high on action; climax is said to be tear jerking and emotional high of the film. All in all, these two episodes are so crucial deciding the film’s overall Box Office fate.


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