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Shooting With Negative Talk At Kabali

Published: Wed 20th Jul 2016 10:32 PM

Kabali Pre Release Talk Spreading Like Venom

Negative Talk - No Effect On Kabali
Negative Talk – No Effect On Kabali

While ‘Kabali’ fever gripped the Nation and film lovers are standing in long queues waiting for their turn to grab the tickets for first show or at least any show on first day, here comes a contrasting negative talk spreading about the movie’s final output. It’s already reported on ‘Kabali’ second half suffered with slow narration and a tragic climax is heart paining. Now, more of such pre release negative reports are circulated even about first half.

Director Ranjith Pa is said to have weaved magical scenes in few portions but overall graph isn’t sustained. For Rajini Fans, there’s a feast for sure with punching one-liners, terrific action scenes and stylized mannerisms. Episodes dealt on growth of Kabaleeswaran from simple human being to a Mafia Don fighting against oppression of Tamil workers community in Malaysia are reported to be kickass. Overt family drama in second half, Kabali old age scenes that come during pre climax and climax portions are real culprits in declining the overall impact.

Beyond any doubt, this sort of negative descriptions posted on social media and other platforms may not affect the first three to four days of ‘Kabali’ performance at Box Office. What matters the most is film’s complete run because Rajini’s stamina can be explored to the most only on a long run. Definitely we cannot believe on this presupposed negative pre release talks. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed till few more hours.


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