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Shocking things people did for Kabali

The Rajni magic is for all to see and enjoy in not only in every nook and corner of Chennai, but all over the world. There is no dearth of fans for Super Star Rajnikanth and they can go to any length to profess theirlove for Thalaiva! check out the craziness of Rajnikanth's fans!

In Trichy a 65 feet Rajini plywood cutout that has been placed by the fans. According to fans, the height of the cutout is based on the age of the superstar himself.

Findus India, a Chennai-based start-up, has announced that the day Kabali releases, July 22, will be a holiday. Opus Innovative Structural Solutions, a Bengaluru-based outfit, has followed suit. Their reason for the day off: to avoid mass bunks, sick leaves and switched off mobiles.

A Maruti car dealer in Hosur, Tamil Nadu is selling custom- made Swifts designed with Kabali posters.

AirAsia planes have been sporting Kabali pictures and and that of the Superstar all over it. On July 22, those travelling from Bengaluru to Chennai in those planes will also be served a special Kabali meal.

There are 5 am shows on Friday for Rajini fans. And no, even those tickets are all booked. In the US, when the advance booking for Kabali opened, all tickets were gone in two hours flat.

Some diehard fans are getting the superstar’s face tattooed on their body, some are donning his ‘kabali look’ while some are sporting the Kabali hairstyle. Rajinikanth’s new look is a rage just like the teaser. Looks like the Kabali mania is sure to stay on for long.