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Selfie Fight with Trisha!

Published: Sat 09th Jul 2016 08:22 AM

Selfie Raja Vs Nayaki on July 15th

Allari Naresh Selfie Raja, Trisha Nayaki Fight On July 15th
Allari Naresh Selfie Raja, Trisha Nayaki Fight On July 15th

The dry spell at Tollywood Box Office might get a respite in coming week when two moderately big Telugu films are planned to hit the screens. Last two weeks has been an utter dull phase which movie lovers aren’t comfortable about. Though, Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ provided some joy yet Telugu trade circles reeled under distress. Anyways, the season is coming back.

Allari Naresh ‘Selfie Raja’ and Trisha ‘Nayaki’ are the two movies announced their release dates to July 15th. Release date posters have kick started their final leg promotions because Naresh and Trisha are considered as safe hero and heroine for their respective projects. ‘Selfie Raja’ from director G Eshwar Reddy is said to be a laughter riot while Trisha is appearing in a scary new look for ‘Nayaki.’

July 15th can be the best date for as many films to hit the screens because following weeks like July 22nd, 29th are blocked for Rajinikanth ‘Kabali’ and Venkatesh ‘Babu Bangaram.’ Make hay while the sun shines…


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