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Sekhar Kammulas Telangana Touch

Published: Mon 11th Jul 2016 07:23 AM

Sai Pallavi To Play Telangana Girl in Kammula New Movie

Sekhar Kammula - Pure Hyderabad/Telangana Director
Sekhar Kammula – Pure Hyderabad/Telangana Director

Sekhar Kammula has his own limitations as a director. At the same time, he has his own set of big advantages which makes his films special at least for a section of audience. From ‘Dollar Dreams’ in 2000 to ‘Anamika’ in 2014, he made only those scripts which he was comfortable with. Currently, Kammula is working on a new movie to be made with Dil Raju as producer and Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi as main leads.

Reports say on, heroine Sai Pallavi will be playing a bona-fide Telangana girl character which we see in every native Hyderabad based family. In fact, Kammula developed so much affinity with Telangana culture, tradition and Hyderabad life style. His dialogues reflect a typical Hyderabad slang which audience enjoy. May it be Raja or his friends in ‘Anand’ or Nikhil, Varun Sandesh in ‘Happy Days’ to the whole canvass ‘Anamika’ story unfolds, everywhere Kammula showed his love for Hyderabad.

Wonder Sai Pallavi should have got enough Hyderabad diction injected into her body, brain during Kammula’s workshop conducted in last couple of weeks. Varun Tej plays a NRI coming to Hyderabad and falls in love with Sai Pallavi. Let’s wait for one more Hyderabad feast from Kammula.


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