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Satakarni for Sankranthi! A Wise Decision?

Published: Fri 08th Jul 2016 07:23 PM

Should ‘Satakarni’ Be Released for Sankranthi?

Satakarni Should Be Postponed?
Satakarni Should Be Postponed?

The production team of ‘Gauthamiputra Satakarni’ is stuck to release the movie for Sankranthi, 2017. Since the biggest festival season is advantageous for any film, the makers wish to get the maximum benefit out of it releasing the movie for Sankranthi.

However, ‘Satakarni’ will get huge oppositions of other big stars in the same season. As ‘Satakarni’ is going to be a historical entertainer, it needs to get special attention from all sections of all corners and no other movie should overcome ‘Satakarni’. But then, ‘Satakarni’ may not avail such a benefit for Sankranthi.

As we know, ‘Baahubali’s makers made sure no oppositions from other big films for one month so that audience got no chance for any other film to be watched except ‘Baahubali’.. ‘Satakarni’ should also be inspired by ‘Baahubali’ avoiding the competition from other biggies. As such, the movie should release a little later than the stipulated date. It must also be remembered that ‘Dictator’ could not sustain with the oppositions of other films this Sankranthi. Well wishers of Balayya hope nothing of that sort to be happened for ‘Satakarni’. It remains to be seen if the makers would change their decision or do they determine to release the film on the same date as they announced.


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