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Rojulu Marayi


“Rojulu Marayi” is one of the well-promoted movies of the season. The story of the movie penned by Maruthi Dasari, the movie is produced by Dil Raju.  Tejaswini, Krithika, Chethan, and Parwatheesham in the lead roles the movie hit the theaters today. Here’s the review of the movie:

Story Line:

Rambha is the role played by Tejaswini and Aadhya is the role played by Kruthika. Rambha and Aadhya are the two friends who stay is the same hostel. Both of them trap two guys in their love, just to encash them. Peter(Pavatisham) and Aswad(Chetan) are unaware of the fact that Aadhya and Rambha were cheating them. Having other love interests, they maintain Peter and Aswad only to use them for money.

On a visit to Srisailam, both Rambha and Aadhya are warned by a saint that, whom they both marry, would die within days of their marriage. Aadhya and Rambha who are shocked by this, plan to marry Peter and Aswad as it wouldn’t matter for them even if both of them die. What happens next is, where the twist in the tale comes.


Analysis :

Roles and Performances:

Parvateesham was one of the show stealers. His humor in the first half of the movie was too good. In a typical slang of language, he made a laugh riot in the first half. Aswad seems to be very naive, as he was seen in a confused state. His action was a mediocre overall.

Tejaswini Madivada looks very cute and her role was well justified. She performed very well in the comedy scenes with Parvatheesham. Kruthika nearly justified her role. She needs a lot of improvement in her acting.

Technical Aspects:

There is nothing special in the direction. Murali Krishna the director of the movie failed to prove his directional skills. It was merely a normal execution. Music composed by JB did not show may impact on the narration. The songs were just like some remixes from the other albums. The story by Maruti was not at all captivating. Dialogues by Ravi Varma N were very trendy.


CineDhol Perspective :

The movie was mediocre as there is nothing fresh in the story. It seems to be like a new version of  the story in which there are two confused pairs. Trying to drag off the whole story with online trends did work,at some point in the movie. Though the first half was a little entertaining, the next half was a mere test for the patience of the audience.

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