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RGV’s Solution to Prevent Terrorist Attacks

RGV's Solution to Prevent Terrorist Attacks

RGV’s Solution to Prevent Terrorist Attacks

The World is suffering from Terrorist attacks, People are not living peaceful life due to these attacks. People have no idea on when and where the bombs will explode. In Dhaka, Saudi Arabia terrorist attack is the best example.

Ram Gopal Varma who is the famous director and mostly direct films based on realistic incidents, responded in a different manner, Recently, he responded against Dhaka Incident. He came with a solution to prevent Terrorism.

He tweeted as

“After the Dhaka killings, the only solution seems to make Koran reciting compulsory in all schools irrespective of religion as an escape option. Christians n Hindus also should learn Quran to escape being killed by terrorists. if their own religions can’t protect them maybe Quran will”

His recent flick Killing Veerappan was released in Hindi and Tamil versions. It got a positive response from the audience. He is currently busy with Vangaveeti movie.

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