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Rashmi Gautam is disappointed with ‘Antham’ Movie Director

Rashmi Gautam is disappointed with ‘Antham’ Movie Director

Antham, the latest flick featuring Rashmi Gautham in the main female lead role has finally hit the theatres on 8th July, 2016 i.e., on Friday. Before the release of the movie, none of the actors from the movie have promoted for the film Antham. However, there is a strong reason behind their nil involvement in the promotions of the film. The reason is that of Jabardasth TV show fame Rashmi Gautam is deceptively disappointed with the director of the film.

Antham movie shooting has begun a few years back and it was originally given a title as“Vyuham.” Later, the movie unit has changed the title to Antham. Since the change of the title, a bawdy song featuring Rashmi is being used for the movie promotions. Rashmi Gautham is quite annoyed and disappointed with the director of the film for the reason that she has been betrayed by the movie makers as they have used irrelevant content for their promotions and eventually misleading the audience.

Rashmi Gautam is disappointed with ‘Antham’ Movie Director

The Director of the latest Antham movie is Kalyan who has made his debut with this movie starring Rashmi Gautham in the main role. Rashmi reveals that the director has informed her that the movie will be finished in 7 days. She then accepted and signed the film as the concept of the movie was quite good. In a bid to encouraging new talent, she wasn’t even informed regarding the first look release of the movie.

“I don’t care about the film anymore, as the makers betrayed me and are promoting misleading content. I will not promote the film,” says Rashmi.

This is the reason; other two actors of the film have skipped the promotions of Antham film. Rashmi also said that the content which was shown in the trailers is not actually a part of the movie. She said that she already advised the director not to mislead the audience with wrong content as they might expect something in the movie and they’ll be certainly disappointed upon watching the movie. Despite her advice, the director allegedly used the trailer of the film in order to allure the audience to watch the film.

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