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Rashmi Disappoints With Antham!

Published: Fri 08th Jul 2016 09:43 AM

Rashmi Gautham Antham Fails

Antham, Not The Best From Rashmi
Antham, Not The Best From Rashmi

Jabardast anchor Rashmi Gautham’s new movie ‘Antham’ was released yesterday. The film’s teaser oozed enough oomph from Rashmi but failed to catch up with promotions later on. Starring Charan Deep as hero and directed by Kalyan, reports say this film completely failed to thrill our audience. Despite the attention pulling Rashmi played central female lead, her screen time is said to be less than 20 to 25 minutes which disappointed her admirers.

Rashmi’s career can be divided into two time periods… before ‘Guntur Talkies’ and after ‘Guntur Talkies.’ Apparently, the seductive role in ‘Guntur Talkies’ hasn’t come to rescue ‘Antham.’ Weak screenplay and obscure direction from Kalyan stood unsuccessful in exploiting the advantage Rashmi.

Except a song, ‘Antham’ nowhere met the expectations. For all those who wondered on why Rashmi missed this film’s promotions, the answer is right here. All in all, ‘Antham’ isn’t a right choice from this hot babe and she should be careful further in accepting the projects.


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