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Rana: Is It Necessary For You Akhil?

Published: Tue 05th Jul 2016 02:23 PM

Rana Made Fun Of Akhil Marriage

Rana”s Punch To Akhil On Marriage

Akkineni Akhil’s love, engagement and marriage is surprising news within celebrity circles and off the glamour world too, people were surprised on how come this young guy is getting hitched so early. While Nagarjuna is still to come up openly on an official statement to announce the marriage dates of his both sons Naga Chaitanya Weds Samanta and Akhil Weds Shriya Bhupal, media is almost confirming for December.

Like each of us were left shocked on Akhil’s romantic affair leading to wedding, his cousin Rana and family friend Manchu Lakshmi expressed a similar opinion at SIIMA 2016 event. Below is the funny conversation held between Rana, Akhil:

Rana: How are you Akhil?

Akhil: I am 22 (shied to say)

Rana: I am 32 and am still single. I haven’t got any one till now. Is it necessary for you now?

Akhil was left clueless on how to face this embarrassing situation. Manchu Lakshmi at the same time added, ‘I was shocked to hear on Akhil’s marriage when I read a tabloid mentioned on his love.’ Such questions might be repeated for Akhil every time when he faces friends and media.


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